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        My favorite BLUE tones right now

        My favorite BLUE tones right now

        Falling in Love with Blue Color Palettes on Pinterest

        I'm in love with blue and bluish green tones right now! I have started a Pinterest board to track all the inspiration photos I see and love. 

        Please click this link to check out my Pinterest board for this inspiration (and see the design credit for each photo!)

        Follow Leah Cucina on Pinterest

        Expanding design services! Meet Katharina

        Expanding design services! Meet Katharina

        Leah's team is expanding! 

        Katharina Walker Roesch

        Leah is happy to announce that she is expanding her interiors work together with Chicago designer, Katharina Walker Roesch.  

        Leah and Katharina have a close connection through their fathers. Katharina's father, Peter Roesch, was Leah's father John Drummond's architecture professor and lifelong friend.

        Katharina studied interior design at Chicago's Harrington College of Design. She follows in her father's footsteps, who was a student of Mies Van Der Rohe, in her attraction to midcentury and contemporary design.  

        Katharina's husband, Michan Walker, is also notable in the Chicago architecture scene. He works as an architect and project manager with Jeanne Gang's firm, Studio Gang. 

         Katharina will be vital in working with Leah to design your custom cabinetry, furniture, color schemes, and the like!  Katharina's services will be included (as needed) for our custom home design service packages. 

         Thank you! We are looking forward to working with you. 

        Check out some of Katharina's portfolio. Her hand rendered drawings are incredible!

        Chicago Lakeview Condo Renovation (2017)

        Chicago Lakeview Condo Renovation (2017)

        Chicago West Lakeview Loft  Remodel Project (2017)

        In 2017 I took this 90's loft into the future! 

        This oversized 1-Bedroom loft had the potential to be great---

        A huge living area, amazingly large sunny windows, a fully enclosed bedroom, and plenty of space to improve its function and aesthetics. 

        This was a near complete remodel.

         Check out the BEFORE & AFTERS!

        See something you like? Questions? Email Leah. leahcucina@gmail.com

        The entryway was dark and cluttered.

        Refinished floors, replaced trim and closet doors. Added vintage glass window coming from the bedroom in order to let more natural light into the hallway. Added lighting and installed coat rack and larger scale artworj

        The bathroom was very dark and small, with low ceilings. It was nice to have a jacuzzi tub, but it was causing the bathroom to appear smaller!

        I made the bathroom appear larger by installing a shower stall, and increasing the height of the ceiling by about 12 inches. Since it's a small bathroom, the porcelain tile surrounds each wall to the ceiling. The shower now has a rain shower and handheld shower for the ultimate shower experience! I kept the large scale mirror so that two people could look in the mirror comfortably at the same time. 

        The living and kitchen area was ready for an update! It had not been update since the building was developed in 1997. 

        The furniture layout and that dark back corner were not doing the room any favors!

        Improved lighting, a transformed fireplace, refinished floors, a better furniture layout and a new and improved kitchen- TA-DA!

        In the kitchen I saw a big opportunity to improve the storage by replacing the cabinets, improving the lighting, and adding another seat by extending the kitchen island. 

        The kitchen appears much larger because of the extended "waterfall" island, and the addition of more storage and a dry bar on either side of the kitchen! 

        I haven't completely finished decorating this space, but you can see that now I have a full walk-in closet, and I can now fit a king bed in the space (before I could only fit a queen). Extend out the closet AND make more space for a larger bed, now that's magic!

        Folding closet doors to a shallow closet is not the vibe! Let's bump the closet out in order to fix that!

        SO. MUCH. BETTER! The closet was one of the best things I did to this space!

        Lakeview Townhome Interior Project Moodboards

        Lakeview Townhome Interior Project Moodboards

        Lakeview Townhome Update Project Moodboards

        Planning to put a fresh spin on this 2000's townhome in Lakeview.

        See something you like? Questions? Email Leah. leahcucina@gmail.com

        The dining and living room  focus will be to create a warm, functional, and timeless atmosphere. 

        Currently the kitchen area has a sizable area that gets little to no use at all. The goal here is to install a well-proportioned furniture scheme that creates a whole new living space in this unused space. 

        Make a sophisticated statement by moving the TV off the fireplace mantle and using an un-used niche adjacent to the fireplace for TV and living room storage. 

        Old Town Interior Project Update

        Old Town Interior Project Update

        Old Town Project Update

        I am excited to be working on a new interiors project assisting my client with a full condo refresh! 

        We are currently interviewing contractors and sorting out a plan for selecting finishes. 

        Follow along as we give her loft style condo a light, bright and personal update.

        Questions? Email Leah. leahcucina@gmail.com

        My client is excited to bring a fresh look to her kitchen by painting the cabinets, replacing the countertops, sink, cabinet hardware, and adding a new island for more functional storage space.

        Right now she has cherry cabinets and black granite countertops. 

        This fresh white look with a pop of color is going to be provide the cheery feeling she is aiming for. 

        For her guest bathroom, we will be doing a cosmetic makeover with new wall paint, painting her current vanity, replacing lighting, shower fixtures, and replacing the current granite sink top and sink fixtures. Originally my client considered going with a full bath remodel, but has opted to prioritize other projects for now. 

        We are going to keep the existing tile to stay on budget and bring a light bright freshness and make this bathroom a more comfortable spa-like space. 

        My client is really excited to have a more comfortable, personalized and colorful living area. Her favorite color is red, so we are excited to bring in some red accents with a quality wool rug that can stand up to pets. I think the blue will help the red really pop! 

        The main update in the living area will be refinished hardwood floors, a new mantle, paint, and lighting. 

        One of the biggest functional space adds will be re-arranging her guest bedroom, which extends just off the main living area. We are going to invest in a huge space saver, a murphy bed with tons of storage! She's also going to be transforming the room into an office, so she has a comfortable space to work from home and stay organized. 

        Other than the furniture, we are hoping to add some new drapery and light fixture. Not much is needed in this space to make a big impact.