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    How to Keep Orchids Alive...Tips from the Orchid Lady

    How to Keep Orchids Alive...Tips from the Orchid Lady

    She told me exactly how to keep my orchids alive and have them re-bloom.

    This is the orchid lady. I have met her twice now at different farmers markets in San Diego. And boy does she have some beautiful orchids! I HAD to buy one, but my question to her was, 'How do I keep this thing alive?' I always want to but swear it's a lost cause.

    Here's what she said..."Listen carefully..."

    1) House your orchids about 2-3 feet away from a sunny window. 

    They like strong, indirect sun.

     If you want to display them for company you can move them, but always make sure they end up back by their window!

    2) Watering them is easy. Saturate the clear plastic pot in the kitchen sink every two to three weeks. 

    After you soak them, leave them in the sink to drain just a bit before putting them back in their permanent planter. 

    Not exactly sure when to water? The bottom roots should be totally dry. No sign of humidity/ droplets of water left at the bottom. Apparently they like to go from soaked to dry, then be soaked again after several weeks.

    3) Don't re-pot them in garden soil! 

    I was making this mistake thinking this would help them stay alive longer. Apparently not! They have everything they need in their original container, they just need proper sunlight and water. 

    And that's all, apparently! I'm going to start using this method and hope it prolongs the life of my orchids. Let me know if you do too, or if you have any other tips for our Leah Cucina community! 

    Love, Leah


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