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        LEAH CUCINA BLOG — Happy Hour

        Rosey Ice Bucket Tutorial

        Rosey Ice Bucket Tutorial

        Create something beautiful (for yourself, or someone special!)

        When life seems to be moving so fast, it feels great to be able to slow down and create something that makes you and those around you feel great and well taken- care of.

         Some may call me a little "extra," but for me it's not about the fanciest champagne, the best recipe, or the perfect picture. It's about creating moments in life that bring me and those around me more joy. And isn't that what we're all here for? 

        For this look, a bunch of spray roses that cost $4.99 quickly elevated my $12 bottle of champs for a memorable occasion.

        Of course if pink's not your thing, choose another small flower! The cubes look gorgeous no matter if you get it "right" on the first try or not. If you don't have much time to prepare, simply adding fresh flowers to your ice bucket will do trick. You can also use a regular bowl if you don't have a champagne bucket! 

        There is no doubt that you (and maybe even a special someone!) are going to feel amazing pouring a little bubbly with this set up. I assure you that your efforts won't go unnoticed. 


        Tips for getting started:

        1. I used spray roses because they last a long time, they're a great small size, and they were only $4.99 for a big bunch. If you'd like to use your ice cubes inside a cocktail instead, choose an edible flower like snapdragon. 

        2. Boil the water first in a tea kettle, then let it cool before using it. This should help create "clearer" ice cubes. (Mine didn't turn out very clear, but they still look beautiful anyway!) 

        3. Give yourself time. Start making the ice cubes at least the night before (and up to a week in advance for your event if you'd prefer!) 

        4. You can use any shape ice mold, just make sure it's large enough to fit your flower of choice. 


        1. Fill the ice tray 1/4 the way up. Add flowers face down. Freeze until fully solid. 

        2.  Add more water to fill the tray up 1/2 way. Freeze again until solid. 

        3. Fill the tray all the way up, and freeze again. 

        Voila! Rosey Ice Cubes. 


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