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        LEAH CUCINA BLOG — Recipes

        California Snack Board

        California Snack Board

        The perfect board for when you're wanting fresh colors and produce with your happy hour snack.

        Keep these photos and tips for inspiration the next time you're entertaining guests! Everyone wins with this board, because there's something for everyone (even the health nuts! )

        I made this board TWICE while I was on my California trip and both times it was a great hit. 

        Here's the general layout: 

        Fruits: blueberries, blackberries, kumquats/ manquats/ clementines/ cherries (or whatever fruits look great and in-season)

        Cheese: Cream cheese, feta, white aged cheddar, havarti

        Dips: Half Cream Cheese/ Half Blackberry Jam spread, Hummus

        Chips: Pita Chips, Baguette slices, walnuts would be nice

        Garnish: Micro greens! Get ones that taste good to you. 

        And if you see any pretty flowers, add those as a non -edible garnish!

        This is my favorite part: 

        It's a simple ramekin bowl filled with 1/2 cream cheese and 1/2 blackberry preserve jam. 

        I added a few berries on top for garnish with a little mint too. 

        This is so tasty on the board!