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        Something completely unique. Leah knows you are an original, and your "cucina" should be too! If you are bored of the big-box store selection, look no further than Leah Cucina. Your friends will love buying you a unique gift, and you will love that your home finally feels like YOU. 

        Earth friendly. Ever worry that your buying choices might be making a negative impact on global climate change? Leah wants to encourage you to make green choices by offering vintage and handmade products that you can keep for years to come. Consumption of second-hand and handmade goods reduces a product's "carbon footprint." Finally... something you can feel good about!

        Vintage Goods--made new again. Wish you could find a vintage gift without having to sort through a dusty old antique shop? With Leah Cucina, you've come to a perfectly organized shop where Leah has done all the hard work for you. Time to stop searching,  Leah will send you your "new" treasure perfectly gift-wrapped and ready. 

        Memorable. While you may not remember who gave you every gift from the big-box-stores, everything you receive from Leah Cucina will be special enough that you're certain to remember the friend who gifted it to you. You will feel amazing knowing that your friends and family helped create your unique home.